XXVIII International Chugaev conference
on coordination chemistry

October 3-8, 2021
Krasnodar region, AMAKS "Orbita" Resort


About the conference

The Chugaev International Conference on Coordination Chemistry is one of the largest Russian scientific chemical forums. The initiators of the Chugaev Conferences were outstanding Russian chemists, academicians I.I. Chernyaev and A.A. Grinberg. Since 1937, the Chugaev Conferences have been held in various republics of the USSR and the states that subsequently arose.

The aim of the International Chugaev Conferences is to exchange information between scientists from various scientific centers concerning the results of fundamental research in the field of coordination chemistry, metal complex catalysis, physical chemistry of coordination compounds, and chemistry of materials, as well as to stimulate applied work in the listed areas of chemical science. Along with the most complex fundamental issues, the conference discusses practically significant topics, including the creation of new catalysts for organic reactions and the development of new structural materials, including nanomaterials. This conference has always been distinguished by a high scientific level, the relevance of the problems discussed, a favorable atmosphere, and the participation of the leading Russian and foreign scientists in it.

The XXVIII International Chugaev Conference on Coordination Chemistry will be held on October 3-8, 2021 in the Krasnodar region at the AMAKS Orbita Resort (Tuapse district, Olginka village). Simultaneously, the XVIII International Conference "Spectroscopy of Coordination Compounds" and the V Youth School-Conference "Physicochemical Methods in the Chemistry of Coordination Compounds" will be held.

The co-organizer of the conference in 2021 is Kuban State University, which is one of the largest universities in the South of Russia. KubSU is a university with a rich history, well-established traditions, and generally recognized achievements. Its high status confirmed by numerous awards and its formed image of the leading center of education, science, and culture of the Kuban explain its fame and recognition not only in Russia but also abroad.



KUZNETSOV Nikolay Academician RAS (Moscow)


ZHIZHIN Konstantin Corresponding Member RAS (Moscow)


PANYUSHKIN Victor Doctor in Chemistry (Krasnodar)


BUZANOV Grigoriy PhD in Chemistry (Moscow)
VOLYNKIN Vitaly PhD in Chemistry (Krasnodar)


BELINSKIY Mikhail Professor (Tel Aviv, Israel)
ARION Vladimir Professor (Vienna, Austria)
TIMKO Grigoriy Professor (Manchester, UK)
GULYA Aurelian Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (Chisinau, Moldova)
ZOLOTOV Yuriy Academician RAS (Moscow)
KAMALOV Gerbert Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Odessa, Ukraine)
KONOVALOV Alexander Academician RAS (Kazan)
PAVLISHCHUK Vitaly Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)
PEKHNYO Vasily Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)
FRITSKIY Igor Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)
TSINTSADZE Givi Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)
TSIVADZE Aslan Academician RAS (Moscow)
CHUPAKHIN Oleg Academician RAS (Yekaterinburg)


ALDOSHIN Sergey Academician RAS (Chernogolovka)
ANTIPIN Igor Corresponding Member RAS (Kazan)
BLINOV Andrey Russian Science Foundation (Moscow)
EGOROV Mikhail Academician RAS (Moscow)
EREMENKO Igor Academician RAS (Moscow)
GEKHMAN Alexander Corresponding Member RAS (Moscow)
GORBUNOVA Yulia Corresponding Member RAS (Moscow)
ZHIZHIN Konstantin Corresponding Member RAS(Moscow)
IVANOV Vladimir Corresponding Member RAS (Moscow)
KOIFMAN Oskar Corresponding Member RAS (Ivanovo)
KUKUSHKIN Vadim Academician RAS (St. Petersburg)
MINKIN Vladimir Academician RAS (Rostov-on-Don)
OVCHARENKO Victor Academician RAS (Novosibirsk)
SAGDEEV Renad Academician RAS (Novosibirsk)
SINYASHIN Oleg Academician RAS (Kazan)
TRIFONOV Alexander Corresponding Member RAS (Moscow)
FEDIN Vladimir Corresponding Member RAS (Novosibirsk)
FEDYUSHKIN Igor Corresponding Member RAS (Nizhny Novgorod)
CHARUSHIN Valery Academician RAS (Yekaterinburg)


EREMENKO Igor Academician RAS (Moscow)


BUZANOV Grigoriy PhD in Chemistry (Moscow)
VOLYNKIN Vitaly PhD in Chemistry (Krasnodar)

Members of the program committee

BUSLAEVA Tatiana Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Moscow)
VATSADZE Sergey Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Moscow)
VOLOSHIN Yan Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Moscow)
KARASIK Andrey Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Kazan)
MILAEVA Elena Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Moscow
PISKUNOV Alexander Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (N. Novgorod)
SIDOROV Aleksey Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Moscow)
SOKOLOV Maksim Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Novosibirsk)


AMIROVA Alina PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Moscow)
ZHDANOV Andrey PhD in Chemistry (Moscow)
KLYUKIN Ilya PhD in Chemistry (Moscow)
SOKOLOV Mikhail PhD in Chemistry (Krasnodar)
DOTSENKO Viktor Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry (Krasnodar)

Registration fees and abstract submission

The registration fee for Conference participants, students, and postgraduates includes:
- proceedings of Conference reports;
- portfolio of the Conference participant;
- participation in all scientific events during the Conference;
- information support during the preparation of the Conference.

until June 1, 2021after June 1, 2021
Conference participantEUR 300EUR 350
Undergraduate/ Postgraduate studentEUR 150EUR 200
Accompanying personEUR 150EUR 200

Payment of the registration fee with guaranteed inclusion of abstracts in the Conference Proceedings is possible until August 1, 2021. Participants who do not register before the announced deadline will be able to register and pay the registration fee only on the day of arrival at the reception. In this case, the organizing committee is not responsible for the publication of materials submitted to the conference.

Key dates

05.04.2021 start of participants registration
01.06.2021 early fee payment deadline
30.06.2021 abstracts submission deadline
01.09.2021 booking deadline

Abstracts: rules

Official languages

Russian and English

Scientific programme

Conference sections


AMAKS “Orbita” Resort is a scenic location on the Black Sea coast, historically famous as a health resort with an ideal climate for the respiratory dideases prevention and treatment. The Olginka village, in which the Orbita resort is located, is considered one of the cleanest places on the Black Sea coast. The magnificent modern complex, the vast territory of which is focused on providing a wide range of services, will contribute to the productive work of the conference participants.

Organizing committee contacts

Conference secretariat (registration, booking, fee payment and abstract submission issues, etc.):

AMAKS "Orbita" Resort contact info
Russia, Krasnodar region, Tuapse district, Olginka, 18A Primorskaya ul., AMAKS “Orbita” Wellness complex